Members of the Firebirds Team attend Albany Firewolves Home Opener!

Members of the Firebirds Team attend Albany Firewolves Home Opener!

On Saturday, December 9th, members of the Albany Firebirds, including players and corporate front office personnel, gathered to attend the Albany Firewolves' Home Opener at the MVP Arena. 

The Albany Firewolves showcased their talent on the lacrosse field, delivering a commendable performance against the defending NLL champions, the Buffalo Bandits. The crowd witnessed a convincing victory, setting a positive tone for the Firewolves' season ahead and fostering a sense of collective pride among Albany sports enthusiasts.

Post-game, a noteworthy interaction occurred when Firebirds' #6, Darius Prince, met with Firewolves' #6, Alex Simmons. The exchange highlighted the camaraderie between athletes in different sports, showcasing the unity that exists within Albany's sports community.

This collaboration between Albany's professional sports teams not only strengthens local sports connections but also solidifies Albany's reputation as a sports hub. The Albany Firebirds express their appreciation to the Albany Firewolves for an engaging evening of lacrosse and anticipate building upon this momentum in their own season.

As both teams progress in their respective leagues, Albany's sports community looks forward to more shared moments at the MVP Arena. Stay tuned for updates as the Albany Firebirds prepare for an exciting 2024 season!